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Premier Carpet Cleaning Process

carpet-rug-cleaning-certification-prescott-valleyFor our carpet cleaning process we begin with a pre-spray me allow it to dwell for five to ten minutes so it has time to break down and begin to emulsify the soil in your carpets. Pre-sprays are designed to separate dirt molecules from the fibers in your carpet. The pre-spray attracts the molecules eliminating the stains. Just steam extraction alone is not enough to remove the dirt and stains from carpet fibers. Once the pre-spray has dwelled we can begin the extraction process.

Our deep clean carpet cleaning method involves a rotary cleaner. The weight and design of the machine allows us to get deep into the carpet removing the stain. Store bought cleaners don’t have the power required to extract away all pre-sprays. Pre-spray that remains in the carpet has the capability of attracting more dirt and allowing the stain to return or create a new stain altogether.

Carpet wands, unlike the heavy weight of the rotary cleaner, moves along surface. The weight of the rotary cleaner allows it to dig deep into the carpet fibers for a deeper clean with a faster dry time. A carpet wand only has the weight of the technician behind it. Without the added weight, it can’t get as deep into the carpet.