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Our Pet Stain Removal Process

Who doesn’t love their pets? But what pets leave behind we don’t love so much. Our pet stain removal process starts with locating the source. For most, crawling around on their hands and knees to sniff out the source of the stain really isn’t an option. That’s why we use a UV light to locate the source of the stain and odor. Once located we use a moisture prove to determine if the stain is the source of the problem. Just because a stain has been cleaned doesn’t mean it’s gone. A UV light often reveals that while cleaner, the stain isn’t fully removed.

Finding the source is important because bacteria remains causing the smell. Once the source has been discovered, we can saturate the area with our specially formulated cleaner allowing it to soak into the pad because that is where bacteria resides. After an hour, we flush the area with clean water and use a water claw which is a specialized tool that allows us extract the salt deposits left by dried urine. This one step cleaner also leaves behind enzymes to protect against future growth of bacteria caused by more pet accidents. It also oxides the yellowing out of the carpet fiber.