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Our Tile Cleaning Process

How many of us hate staring at dirty grout lines and looking at more unused areas and seeing the cleaner lines? Let me take time to explain our process. Our tile cleaning process involves an alkaline based cleaner for lighter stains and acid base for heavily soiled areas. We pre-spray all the grout lines and allow it to dwell for five to ten minutes. This allows the pre-spray to breakup the grime built up along the grout lines.

Once the dwell time has completed, we move along the grout lines scrubbing with a specially designed brush to free up and loosen the built up grime. This process allows the grime to easily be extracted. Next we use a specially designed, high pressure tile and grout cleaning wand that, with the help of the truck mounted machinery, can shoot high pressure hot water, two-hundred and twenty degree at pressures up to twelve hundred psi, to blast away dirt and grime leaving your tile and grout looking and feeling new again.